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I can't tell you enough about how I love good looking Judith Jack Jewelry. They started the company over 3.5 decades ago. They began trading in antique jewelry and estate jewelry and business took of from them. he owners, Judith and Jack Rosenberg (Go figure), noticed that their best sellers were Marcasite pieces. Marcasite, a mineral mined in South America is also known as iron pyrite or “Fool’s Gold” due to its resemblance to gold.

During the Victorian Era, fashionable ladies adorned themselves with pins and pendants made up of marcasite stones set in sterling silver.

The use of marcasite jewelry reached the height of its popularity during the Art Deco period when the Flappers used these jewelry favoring geometric and animal inspired designs. When cut into facets, the stone gives off a bright metallic luster making it ideal for use as a gem in jewelry. Quite a thing to behold.  Judith Jack jewelry has kept this tradion alive with exceptional pieces centered around this magnificent metal.

Judith Jack reached a turning point and turned the antique marcasite market upside down.  Quickly, this type of jewelry style was in high demand.  Therefore, their new Judith Jack Jewelry Collections would include replicas that they themselves manufacture.

Each piece in the Judith Jack Jewelry Collections is handcrafted allowing them to produce intricate designs with close attention to detail. Each marcasite piece used is pavé set between silver beads to enhance its brightness. Aside from the replicas of antique designs, contemporary and classic designs were also added to the Judith Jack Jewelry Collections. New designs are regularly added to the collection to keep up with customer’s changing tastes.